A Sea of Data. Harness it for Growth.

Sales Vice Presidents are swimming in a sea of Salesforce data, but haven’t used it to their advantage and fear losing ground to competitors who are. Seahorce uses data science and Salesforce.com expertise to:


Salesforce.com Expertise

Seahorce has experience implementing the most complex Salesforce.com features including Sales Cloud automation, Communities and consoles using the Analytics API. Salesforce can be more than a digital contact manager for your business. Seahorce can help you control it to enforce best practices, increase sales rep yield and drive revenue.

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Data Science

Think of Data Science as a compass for sales. It can provide insight into which direction points to success. Traditionally, sales didn’t have a lot of data to support decision-making or analysis. Instinct ruled. Today, we have the ability to change that. Most organizations gather tremendous quantities of data in their Salesforce.com system alone. Analyzing that data and combining it with other customer data can provide insights that answer the question, “What should I do?”

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Delivering Insight, Visibility & Control

Seahorce’s services help Sales Vice Presidents drive growth. From fact driven sales forensics and dashboards to Salesforce customization and integration.

  • Insight

    Use data science to determine what to do

  • Visibility

    Track performance, view trends and know when to act

  • Control

    Harness Salesforce.com to facilitate the right actions and ensure follow-through


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  • Seahorce’s insight and intimate knowledge of all things “Salesforce” was critical to the success of our program launch. Not only was Seahorce able to significantly reduce the amount of new spreadsheet and chart creation, but their training presentations contributed greatly in allowing our salespeople to hit the ground running. I highly recommend Seahorce!

    Shawn McMillin , Pepco Energy Services

  • Tricia did a fabulous job for us in deploying our Salesforce application to production! She was the primary resource in deploying over 100 Salesforce objects and over a million characters of code. She was instrumental in the delivery of our mission-critical application to over 500 users.

    Fred Rossmark , Enterprise Business Partners

  • Seahorce helped us design and implement a sales contract/order system in Salesforce. Seahorce’s value was not just in building to specifications, but also in getting us in touch with optimal implementation strategies. The system has been a huge success for both our sales team and clients alike. I recommend Seahorce without reservation.

    Ronald Smith , WealthEngine.com

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