About Us

At Seahorce, we are fanatical about productivity and data. Technology is the key to productivity and data is key to what to do with that technology. In order for companies to flourish, they must make better decisions and be more productive than their competitors. We are here to help companies achieve that goal and flourish!

Seahorce is a team of Salesforce.com and data science experts focused on helping sales leaders drive growth through Insight, Visibility and Control. Sales Vice Presidents are swimming in a sea of data and being offered better charts when they should be getting better results. Seahorce produces fact-driven understanding, tools, actions and automation that deliver better lead qualification, win rates, growth and forecast accuracy. That insight is then codified into consistent and efficient business execution through the Salesforce platform.

Key offerings include:

  • Executive Dashboards,
  • Communities
  • Data Analytics
  • Salesforce Consulting

Headquartered in Arlington, VA, Seahorce turns data into sales growth. To learn more about how Salesforce tools can  drive consistent growth, please fill out the form on the right.