Better Charts or Better Outcomes – you decide

05/14/14 by Craig users have long struggled with the limitations of the platform’s native reporting and dashboard features. The ability to create more complex reports is limited, the options to display data are few and the path to extract data for analysis is a labyrinth. Several vendors are attempting to fill this gap with canned dashboards that look good but provide limited value.

Sales Vice Presidents and Chief Revenue Officers need new tools to more effectively leverage the data that resides in These tools need to go well beyond canned charts; to delivering positive, measurable outcomes. They should provide visibility for managers, facilitate action by front-line sales personnel and offer insight to executives. Fortunately, there is now a solution and you can implement it from within your account.

Generating Visibility – actionable dashboards

Exec-DB-with-GaugesA common misconception is that you can only generate decent reports in by implementing a third party reporting tool (and in the process spend a lot of money on licenses). This is no longer true. When exposed its Analytics API, things changed. You can now get robust reporting and dashboards without leaving the platform. This also provides the advantage of turning what were static reports into actionable, interactive dashboards.

Today, you can simply add a dashboards tab that can be customized to meet the needs of different roles within the sales organization. Managers need to track their team’s progress to goals and action items; sales and account representatives want to know which leads to follow up with next and see how they are tracking against quota and peers; senior executives need to know overall trends, identify anomalies and opportunities that can increase sales performance.

Beyond Reporting – outcomes

Typical third-party dashboards are only useful for monthly and quarterly reporting. The new opportunity is to go beyond static reports and drive day-to-day outcomes by providing tools that help sales teams execute better. At Seahorce, we are helping companies use data for greater visibility into sales performance and enabling more control over execution. Reports tell you what happened. Our focus is on empowering you to chart your own course.

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