Case Study

Private Foundation

Private Foundation

Consolidate funding to mission-critical projects to determine overall impact.

Business Need

As a foundation that provides funding to nonprofit organizations, we need to understand how our investment and the investments of other foundations are impacting programs that further our mission.


Seahorce designed and built visualizations that collect data stored in multiple places within Salesforce and display them in one place where our staff can go to evaluate the total funding that one or multiple organizations we provide grants to on a specific project, programs, or a general mission. The visualizations are interactive, so we can change timeframes and see information that is filtered for our funding, or a holistic view of the total funding.

Key Benefit

Our staff now has the ability to get insight into the financial contributions we are making on a larger scale to our key missions, and to present this information to our board very quickly, all within Salesforce. We no longer need to spend time piecing information together for our board meetings. All of the information we need to make funding decisions is available on demand.