Case Study

Monitor leading indicators to make changes that impact performance when it matters.

Business Need

Analyze past sales performance to determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & continue to track those KPIs to maximize revenue. Executives need to benchmark the sales team’s historical performance to set goals and evaluate future performance. Weekly sales reporting is required to enable sales management to determine how performance is tracking during each month and be able to course correct.


Seahorce architected a custom analytics solution that is available to our users within Salesforce. Extracted Salesforce data into a data mart, integrated it with value-added data sources, and performed analysis. Uncovered the KPIs that were truly driving success, not just the those that management assumed. Developed reports that allow ongoing tracking of KPIs, putting insight into the hands of management. Developed dashboards for multiple levels of the organization to drive proactive decisions.

Key Benefit

Executives and sales managers know the KPIs that are critical to the company’s success and can take action to drive performance at the appropriate time. We’re no longer just focused on lagging indicators, we measure leading indicators that help us course correct.