Sales Growth

SalesGrowthGrowth is the goal. But, how to drive growth is a question that plagues every sales executive. Which customer segments are the most lucrative? Which products are driving the highest win rates? Should I hire more sales staff? How do I know if the sales team is following up on the right leads and doing it in the right way? How can I make my sales forecast more predictable? Tough questions.

In the past you were forced to rely on instinct and even when you were right, the levers to influence execution were unreliable. By combining data science and you can know what your team should be doing and facilitate positive action. Seahorce is pioneering fact-driven sales growth for companies with a recurring revenue models.

Three Levers of Sales Success

There are three levers for sales success in a fact-driven sales model: insight, visibility and control. These address the challenges of what to do, when to do it and how to facilitate action. Seahorce combines these elements into practical tools built into your account for use in everyday sales planning and execution.

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