Expertise“I didn’t think Salesforce could do that.”

At Seahorce, we hear this phrase a lot and we dispel myths about Salesforce limitations everyday. The platform has been around for many years now and too many organizations simply use it for contact and opportunity management when it should be a force to propel sales growth.

It is Possible and Beneficial

Seahorce delivers solutions for complex business applications that most people wouldn’t think possible in  We do some of the easy stuff, but our real expertise is pushing the boundaries of Salesforce to deliver custom applications on the platform.  Our knowledge of the underlying data architecture allows us to quickly determine how to build solutions so they can be implemented and used effectively while providing the information you need.

Working Across the Salesforce Clouds

We have experience in all of the Salesforce clouds: Sales, Service, and Marketing. We know the ISV ecosystem that provides apps on the platform to enable specific solutions. With almost a decade of experience on this platform, we know its evolution in great detail. This knowledge allows Seahorce to present specific guidance on how to architect and implement solutions that work.

Working Across the Three Phases

Seahorce is also unique in the Salesforce ecosystem because we provide expertise across the three phases of the solution: Insight, Visibility, and Control. Our Data Science and Analytics team can extract and analyze Salesforce data to answer questions around higher sales productivity. Our technical teams create dashboards within the Salesforce platform that do not require third-party apps and provide real-time data you can use to steer your business. Finally, we implement new Salesforce features that improve sales team productivity and consistency.

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